At Safari Vacations & Travel Services, we believe in responsible travel as the core of everything we do. We think travel should be a positive force, benefiting local communities and the natural world. We work together with our employees, partners, and travelers to make a meaningful impact.

Our safari operations focus on social and environmental protection programs, mainly through our two safari lodges. These lodges directly engage with most of our guests, allowing us to share important information about ecology as part of the safari experience. We encourage our guests to actively participate in these sustainable programs.

As a travel company, we don’t just chase profits; we aim to contribute to broader societal goals. We’re aware of the human impact on the planet and the urgent issues like climate change caused by excessive consumption and resource depletion.

Our company philosophy, ‘In Harmony With Nature,’ emphasizes going the extra mile. We’re not just about making money; we’re about making a positive impact. We’re concerned about our collective impact on the planet and take steps to minimize it.

We want our guests to leave our safaris not just with memories but also with enriched emotions and increased ecological awareness. We believe that when our guests return home, they should do so with a deeper appreciation of the world around them. This is crucial to how we operate at Safari Vacations and Travel Services, and we’re committed to ensuring that our travel experiences leave a positive and lasting impression on both our guests and the planet.