Our Top Congo Safaris

Explore the wonders of Congo on safaris and tours, discovering both mountain and Eastern Lowland gorillas in Virunga and Kahuzi-Biega national parks. Virunga, Africa’s oldest and most diverse national park, houses a quarter of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas amid its 7800 km² of forests, savannahs, volcanoes, and more. Trek through this hidden gem for a thrilling gorilla encounter or embark on a volcano hike for an unforgettable African adventure. The Congo River, Africa’s second-largest, boasts diverse aquatic life and significant hydropower potential. Kahuzi-Biega National Park is a top spot for Eastern Lowland Gorilla trekking. Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano, offers a unique trek with the world’s largest lava lake. Enjoy Lake Kivu’s beauty, home to Idjwi Island and offering various recreational activities along its shores and beaches.