Lion tracking vs mountain gorilla trekking: Uganda is popular for having the highest population of mountain gorillas in the world. Recently, the country has also become popular for having a rare species of lions, the tree-climbing lions.

The tree-climbing lions are in the Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park. These rare lions have become a popular attraction as many people will want to have a glance at these peculiar lions.

It’s because of that growing demand that people keep wondering. They wonder which adventure is better between mountain gorilla trekking and lion tracking. Alternatively, if they had to drop one; which should they drop on any given safari?

Answering this is not easy, but we will surely try our best to find a suitable answer.

First and foremost we never want to see you or any traveler drop by force an activity for any reason. It’s not cool and we don’t want to see it happen to our clients. So we hope you are never in that position where you have to drop one activity for the other.

That said, these two experiences are different and each gives you a unique adventure in its own right. So, we can now compare them.

But to help you understand the experiences best, we are going to break down for you what each experience is and everything about it.

Lion tracking

We start with lion tracking because it’s relatively new if you compare it with mountain gorilla trekking.

Lion tracking is the activity that involves using a tracker to find tree-climbing lions. When you find them, you spend some time viewing them as they rest on the tree branches or climb the trees. This is a guided activity. So, a tracking guide will go with you. He will specifically operate the tracker to seek out the lions as you watch on.

Like any other game drive you will be in the game drive car as all this happens. This whole experience will take about 2 to 3 hours of your time. This is the time frame especially if the lions are near you and not in trees so far away from you. You will watch them take pictures, and enjoy the surrounding flora, birds, etc..

After viewing the lions you can head back to your accommodation. Alternatively, you can continue on the game drive to see other animals in the park.

It’s that simple, the guide will do all the heavy lifting and your job is just to view the lions.

Mountain gorilla trekking

This trekking on the other hand is a real involvement adventure. It’s also a guided experience. You follow rangers into the forest who will guide you to the gorillas. He/she will also ensure you trek up and down the mountainous forest safely. He also makes sure that you adhere to the rules of Gorilla trekking as you trek. Once you find the gorillas, you have one hour to spend while monitoring their behaviors. Then after, you trek back to the park headquarters and end the activity.

Lion tracking vs mountain gorilla trekking

The gorilla trekking experience takes most of your day, which is different from lion tracking. Here you also trek the forest yourself. Meanwhile, lion tracking makes you stay in a car and watch.

Mountain gorilla trekking therefore is the process of trekking the forest to find the famous apes the mountain gorillas.

The trek takes about 6 to 8 hours and the time of viewing the gorillas is strictly one hour. Also, the time the trek takes depends on the movement of gorillas.

When viewing the gorillas you’re near the gorillas only a 7-meter distance between you and them. So you have the opportunity to admire and study them up close. Meanwhile, you should be in a vehicle while tracking tree-climbing lions and somehow distant. This is because lions are carnivores and they may cause harm to you when you get so close.

After one hour of viewing the gorillas, you will slope down the forest back to your accommodation or your next stop.

You realize since you are doing the trekking yourself, you get to experience the forest personally seeing the different tree species, the birds, and butterflies as you enjoy the mountain terrains, it’s a unique experience altogether.

Plan your trip

You now know what is inclusive of the two experiences. You can now make your choice of safari, depending on the number of days you have and your budget. You just need to get a trusted tour operator well conversant with Uganda and Rwanda. Contact us, and your ultimate safari will be guaranteed.