Our Partners

At Safari Vacations & Travel Services Limited we have been able to build a reputable environment in the tourism sector whereby we are viable and work only with reputable partners with whom we have built long-standing relationships and cooperation in the community and environmental projects.

Uganda named the Pearl of Africa is indeed a safari haven with a marvelous diversity of wildlife, breathtaking landscape, and primates encounter. We, therefore, work in close collaboration with community members and development experts to develop holistic solutions that have lasting impacts, new sensations, and new experiences do better than envisioned and our partners include:

Uganda Wildlife Authority

UWASafari Vacation & Travel Services Limited is a recognized and registered member with Uganda Wildlife Authority which is mandated to ensure sustainable management of wildlife resources and supervise wildlife activities in Uganda, both within and outside the protected areas from which we base on to organize safe but memorable safaris which are legally acceptable.


Uganda Tourism Board

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) is the official Government destination market organization with the responsibility to promote and market Uganda as the preferred tourism destination in Africa. Therefore the company is fully registered under the Uganda Tourism Act 2008 with a mandate of promoting attractions of the country and ensure contribution towards the sector.


Uganda Safari Guides Association

This is an association which brings together safari guides and guides their ways of conduct in the sector and as well train members ethical ways on how to handle clients, All our safari guides are thus registered under this umbrella and are always equipped with accurate ways of conducting business and as well undergo different conferences which are always organized by the association for value addition upon their work.

Inter-continental collaboration

Safari Vacations & Travel Services participates in organizing collaborative volunteering schemes to students to Uganda and Rwanda through its partnership with Global Livingston Institute (GLI) a United States non-government charity organization whose emphasis is on to educate students and community leaders on innovative approaches to international development and empower awareness, collaboration, conversations, and personal growth, high school leadership programs, research and community-based internships, and an HIV awareness music festival.

More so through this endorsement, the company has been actively involved in other organized programs for the organization which include GLI’s annual Women’s Leadership Retreat, Youth Summit, mental health facilitator training, and more. Therefore this reputation guarantees more credibility to whoever would wish to carry out research and study purposes in East African countries of Uganda and Rwanda through our company.

Best Time To Visit

The drier months from June to August and December to February are the best for wildlife viewing in East Africa. This is mainly so when it comes to the tropical forest habitat preferred by primates, but it also applies down on the savannah where animals have slight bush to hide in. There’s also abundant sunshine at this time. In the wetter months, there’s the option that rain will amend off roads and wash out your primate tracking adventure.

Entry Visa Information

External Non-residents from most countries can acquire a visa at the migration desk at the entry point, check with your embassy to verify.

You can acquire an East African Visa if you want to visit more than one country or a normal visa online (with guiding information) from these particular links.

Top Places to Visit

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