The Team at Safari Vacations & Travel Services Ltd

One of the most key aspect while traveling is the quality of the guides, we have the most experienced, knowledgeable, eloquent and professional tour guides in all our destinations when we selectively allocate to our clients basing on the nature of our visitors to best serve them better on the safari for example birdwatching safari guides, honeymoon, family travelers, students among others. All the mentioned categories are handled in a unique and professional way to ensure that client satisfaction on a safari is maintained and incredibly enriching.

Jason Niwamanya

Managing Director

Co-founder and Director of Safari Vacations & Travel Services Limited, Jason is one of the best travel experts with a decade in the business who is well inquisitive and knowledgeable of all attractions in and out of East Africa, its where he derived the passion of venturing to own a company and as well create more opportunities to the growing population of unemployment in the country. With great enthusiasm and potential for the sector, your safety will be guaranteed once you travel with our company since we uphold business ethics and making your dream come true.

Moses Arnold

Safari Consultant

Arnold is the manager of the company with a specialty in social work and social administration but with a passion for adventure and great experience in understanding managerial roles and business relations. Client satisfaction is his mandate and overseeing their entire operations of the business. This implies that your safety is in a viable sense of direction as quality and reliability will be upheld through maximum cooperation and adequate sharing of accurate information to help you before and along with your safari.

Boaz Ainebyona

Travel Expert/ Guide

Boaz is a friendly travel guide familiar to every route and will make your trip memorable. His passion for the job creates a unique touch and thus will always ready to make your adventure memorable through accomplishing all that has to be achieved on your travel itinerary. We facilitate flexibility in your travel arrangements to help you achieve your goals with maximum freedom to discover the exotic destinations you choose at the lowest price conceivable.

Aloysius Magoola

Travel Expert/ Guide

Being one of our experienced travel experts, “ALONSO” is a multitalented travel guide with the capabilities of innovating impressive and astonishing memorable experiences on your tour. He is experienced and specialist in Bird Watching, Wildlife Viewing, and primate explorer. He will be ready to take you through a true African exploration experience for great memories upon your safari.

Abdulrahman Ndahura

Travel Expert/ Guide

Abdulrahaman is one of the company travel experts with the best principles to take you through your safari, knowledgeable, and linguistic in both Ugandan and Rwandan languages. Your safety will be guaranteed while with him on the safari and always ready to welcome you on a safe drive all way through your safari.